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Team Canada 2014: Royal St George's College

Team Canada 2014

Introducing Team Canada from Royal St George's College, Toronto:

Hi, I’m R.J.

I read a lot, and I like to play golf, but the thing I like to do most is practise magic. I’ve been doing magic for about three years and this year I attended a four-day convention with over 900 magicians from around the world, which was awesome. My current favourite book is Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone in Cornwall this summer.

Hi, I’m Stefan.

Being on the Kids' Lit team doesn't just make me a reader. I love to play video games like many children all over North America. I admit that sometimes I play for too long, but the amount of reading I do balances it out. In Cornwall, I am definitely looking forward to meeting all of the other contestants and, of course, sight-seeing.

Hi, my name is Luca.

I am the youngest member of Team Canada. As you guys probably know already, I love to read. Aside from reading, I like to play the piano, sing, and write. I have even composed a few songs. Inspired by books, I am starting to write a book on the struggles of the poor. Looking forward to meeting everybody and visiting England for the first time.

Hi, my name is Ryan.

I love history and my favourite area of study is European History from the Norman Conquest to the Tudor Era in England. It restarts at the Seven Years War (it lasted nine!) and goes to the end of the Second World War. I love collecting coins and I would love to exchange coins when we meet in Cornwall.



Team Canada by Michelle Carter

Team Canada from Royal St. George’s College, was formed this school year.

Previous competitors, Luca, RJ, and Ryan participated in the KLQ 2013 Nationals. This fall, we welcomed Stefan, a RSGC “new boy”, to our KLQ school team.

Our team convenes in our school library twice a week. With three previous KLQ competitors, we have a good idea of the way the quiz questions are presented and the types of questions that may be asked. We brainstormed and produced a list of possible quiz categories, which include mythology, graphic novels, classics, poetry, nursery rhymes etc., tackling one category per week. We divvied up fiction based on each team member’s reading preference, allowing each boy a genre ‘specialty.’

Team Canada visit HarperCollins Canada

Our journey to the world finals has been enhanced by a supportive, and dedicated network of parents, teachers and community members within Royal St. George’s College and outside of the school. We have been treated to numerous enriching opportunities including a visit to a special Folk & Fairy Tale exhibit, as well as a visit to a major Canadian publishing company. Each experience has generated book-related discussions, while fostering team bonding and excitement for the KLQ finals.

Luca, R.J., Stefan and Ryan are thrilled to be representing Canada at the 2014 Kids’ Lit Quiz World Finals in Cornwall, UK.

Michelle Carter
Team Canada Coach

The Children's Book Bank  is a registered charity that supports childhood literacy by providing free books and literacy support to children in low-income neighbourhoods in the Toronto area. You can read more about it at the link and also in this article on Canadian book banks, Book Banks Foster Reading across Canada. The Children's Book Bank won one of the two international Ibby Asahi Reading Promotion Awards in 2014.

Kids' Lit Quiz Canada, a long-time supporter of The Children's Book Bank, is delighted to share the news that the Royal St George's College community donated over 2000 books to The Children's Book Bank earlier this year.  The boys of Team Canada helped distribute the books - great weight training for the team, boys! Thanks to the entire Royal St George's College community.

There's more information about the 2014 Kids' Lit Quiz Canada competition here.

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