We welcome contributions from authors, illustrators, storytellers, film-makers and other creators with an interest in children's literature.  Please contact Linda De Silva at if you are interested in participating.

Once we have confirmed your participation, please send the text of your post, together with any graphics, a short biography and any other conditions or requirements of publication to this address.  If you have a website, please include the link so we can add it to our sidebar of supporters.  We ask that your biography includes a short note on what you were reading between the ages of 10 to 13 and, optionally, what you are reading now.  We use this information to compile reading lists.

Deciding on a topic

Avid readers in the 10 to 13 age group can be interested in an extraordinary range of topics from those aimed at younger readers right through to quite mature subjects. 

The categories of topics at the Kids’ Lit Quiz competitions are also very wide-ranging, from Norse mythology, nursery rhymes and picture books, through to classics (think Charles Dickens, Jonathan Swift) and modern young adult fiction. Have a look at the past questions and answers at previous world finals to get an idea of the range of literature which is covered.

The principle aim of your post should be to generate discussion amongst readers in the comments section. We recommend that the post be written with an invitation to readers to agree, disagree or expand on the writer’s view.  We are happy to make suggestions for topics we think will work for this readership.

We are happy to accept material you have previously published elsewhere which you think will also work here. Let us know when and where it was first published so we can acknowledge that and direct interested readers.

Personal stories and reflections are always popular – particularly if the contributor has published works which interested readers can follow up on. Funny stories are always a winner!

You are also welcome to comment on other posts of interest to you.


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