Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Recap - Week Five

This week saw the last of our guest authors' posts in this month-long reading adventure - how quickly it's gone and how lucky for us to be able to share these wonderful authors' work with you. Have a look at what's happened on Reading for Australia this week, after the jump.

On Monday, Bruce Pascoe's lyrical and atmospheric post, Canoes, reminded us of the significant (but often unrecognised) contribution Indigenous Australians have made to the landscape of this country, both through their cultural histories but also, more literally, though their agricultural industries. There are many things to like about this post but my favourite part is Bruce's description of Muns Hammond walking with his dogs through his country - a wonderfully evocative image.

Tuesday and Josie Montano wrote about how she develops her characters for a story in Are you a true Dr Frankenstein? Josie brings her characters to life (in a slightly different way to Dr Frankenstein!) by working out their particular characteristics which, in turn, determine how the characters would respond  to the situations in her stories. Sounds complicated? Have a look at Josie's clear explanation and be reassured - it's not monsterous!

If you're interested in this subject, also have a look at Charlotte Calder's guest post (in May 2013), Are you a real life thief? about using your real life experiences in your stories.

On Wednesday Andy Griffiths told us how he became a writer in his very funny post, How I got started as a writer. I don't want to say too much and spoil it for you because you should definitely read it but I will say that Andy showed great promise from a very young age. If he hadn't become a children's author, I'm sure that Hallmark greeting cards would have found a job for Andy utilising his unusual but persuasive "get well soon" messages.

We got to meet Team Singapore on Thursday. We welcome Singapore to the international Kids' Lit Quiz community and congratulate the team from Clementi Primary School for their excellent result in the first ever national final in Singapore. Good luck in Cornwall, team!

Team USA: (L - R) Nathan, Silvia, Cameron and George (photograph credit, Andrew Mayo, 29 May 2014)

And here's some information on Team USA from Sedgwick Middle School in Connecticut in the West Hartford Courant. Congratulations Nathan, Silvia, Cameron and George - good luck with your fundraising - a story-telling evening sounds like a great way to help you get to Cornwall. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Next week, we hope to be able to give you an update on the New Zealand competition. The national final will be held on 10 June in Wellington. Until then...well, let's just say that lots of Kiwi kids are very busy reading right now!

Three excellent book reviews today - After by Leo and Bridge to Terabithia and The Edge Chronicles: Beyond the DeepWoods both by Nicholas. Thanks guys, great reviews of great books.

We've got a few more posts to go - and a surprise guest author or two - before we wrap this online literary festival so be sure to have a look next week.

In the meanwhile, footy fans will know that this week is Indigenous Round in the AFL, a week when we celebrate the contribution that Indigenous footballers have made to Australian Rules Football. The highlight of the weekend is the Dreamtime at the G, an annual fixture between the Essendon and Richmond football teams. Have a read of Bruce Pascoe's Canoes post for an introduction to some Indigenous culture and then, if you can, catch the Dreamtime game on TV for culture of a different sort. Go Dons!

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