Friday, May 02, 2014

Book Review - Wonder

Wonder by R J Palacio (Random House Books, 2012)

Random House Books

by Jack, 13, Sydney

Wonder is a well-written and poignant novel about a 10 year old deformed boy - August (Auggie) - starting school for the first time ever.

Auggie suffers from a  major facial deformity which leaves him embarrassed about how he looks. As a result, he has been home-schooled by his mother for his entire life. All this changes when Auggie is enrolled at Beecher Prep and has to face high school in its entirety: bullies, homework, best friends, parties and more.

Told through multiple viewpoints, Wonder is an incredible story of a young boy liking who he is, in a society that doesn't.

I think that most kids aged 9 years and older would like this book.

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