Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Review - Crummy Mummy and Me

Crummy Mummy and Me by Anne Fine (Puffin Books, 1988)

Puffin Books

by Nicholas, 12, Durban

The setting of this book takes place in 21st century in England.

The main character of the story is Minna, a girl who is as responsible as a parent. She lives with her mom who is the exact opposite of her. She has a younger sister whose name is Miranda. Minna is always complaining that her mom isn’t responsible to be a parent and that she has to be the parent. The main storyline is about Minna and her life with ‘Crummy Mummy’. Minna and her mom have switched parent and child roles and each of the seven chapters is like a mini-story.

This book was absolutely hilarious. I had no sorrow when I finished this book and I also felt joyful when I finished this book. I learnt that you mustn’t dye your hair royal blue with spikes and that you must be responsible but not fussy and bossy. I would recommend this book to children of the age 11- 13 years old. I also found this book was a bit too short and it didn’t have any exciting vocabulary.

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