Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book Review - The Edge Chronicles: Beyond the DeepWoods

The Edge Chronicles: Beyond the DeepWood by Paul Steward and Chris Riddell (Doubleday, 1998)

Random House Australia

 by Nicholas 12, Durban

This book takes place mainly within the DeepWoods, a mysterious place in The Edge, which has no time.

The main character is Twig, who has always been the odd one out. He lives with Spelda and Tuntum, his parents, who are woodtrolls and he has no siblings. He is a lanky creature who is timid.

The story is about Twig and his journey throughout the DeepWoods. As he began his journey, he starts to stray from the path because of the beautiful flowers and trees. Soon Twig loses the path altogether and gets lost. He encounters many different creatures which are good, bad and some are neither. He goes through many problems as he wanders towards the Edge Lands. There he meets a Gloamglozer and the Gloamglozer tricks him and he falls off The Edge. But what happens next?… Read the book to find out.

I found this book interesting to read and it is an amazing book. I really enjoyed it and felt cheerful when I finished it. I think that the authors of this book are really imaginative and creative. I learnt that everyone is unique and that every creature has a purpose. I would recommend this book this book to children of the ages 11 to 13 years old who like adventure novels.

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