Thursday, May 09, 2013

Your Chance to Win a Book!

I think we need a name change.

More than most, book lovers know the value of a good title – the catchy words that pull you in and entice you to read more.

Imagine if Harper Lee called To Kill a Mockingbird, “The Adventures of Scout and Jem”, or if Suzanne Collins called The Hunger Games, “A Competition about Food”.

You see what I mean? The title makes all the difference.

I don’t think that “Reading for Australia” captures what this blog is about. After all, only 4 of us are reading for Australia.  Some of us are reading in and for different countries, and all of us read because we enjoy books.

We need a more inclusive, catchier name for our book club. Something that will make a visitor to this blog wonder what it is about and want to find out more.

So, can you come up with a better name?

The person who first suggests the best blog title will win… a book, of course.

The winner can choose their preferred book (to the value of AUD$50)  and, provided the choice is reasonable – the book is in print, is not a rare first edition that costs a fortune etc. - we will send it to you – anywhere in the world!

The competition is open to all - kids, authors, teachers, older kids, parents, innocent bystanders etc.

If the best title is suggested by someone over 13 years, we will also give a book to the best title suggested by someone aged 13 years or younger.  So, when you put in your suggestions – and you can suggest as many titles as you like – tell us your age if you are 13 years of age or under.

The boys in the Australian team can suggest titles but are ineligible for the book prize.

The judging panel will be Nicole Deans, the Kids’ Lit Quiz Australia coordinator, Janine Hudson, the coach of the Australian team, and Linda De Silva, the blog moderator.  We will put the top 10 suggestions to a "readers choice" and invite readers to vote for the best title from the short list.

How to enter

Check with your parents that it is OK to enter the competition.

Entries can only be made by email sent to:

(Don't use the comments box because we need your email address to get in touch with you if you win, and you shouldn't put your email address in your comments).

We will post the entries on the blog so you can see what's already been suggested.

You can put in as many suggestions as you like in one email. You can send more than one email if you think of new titles later.

Tell us your first name only and, if you are aged 13 or under, your age.

We will keep the competition open until we find a winner.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  1. Our first suggested titles come from Ben, 9, of Canberra:

    I Like Books
    The Book Monster
    Book Ends

  2. Susie's suggestions:

    The Cliffhangers
    All Booked Out
    Booked In
    The Book Inn
    Book Me

  3. Matt's suggestions:

    It was a Dark and Stormy Night
    In the Beginning
    Turn the Page
    KLQ Book Riffs
    KLQ Book Corner

  4. The 2013 Aussie Team (not eligible to win the book) suggest:

    Take Your Pick
    Club Silvertongues
    Keep Calm and Read
    Silver Tongue Appreciation Society
    Story Time
    Book Worms
    Book Birds
    Book Everything

  5. What do you think so far? Do you like any of these? Can you do better? I think so!

  6. James, 12, Canberra says:






  7. Zoe's suggestions:

    Through the Looking Glass
    Virtual Books
    Virtual Conversations