Friday, May 24, 2013

Book Review - The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate (Harper Collins, 2012)

The One and Only Ivan is a sad and hopeful story told through the eyes of a captive gorilla.  It's a MUST read book.

Ivan is a gorilla that lives in the run-down zoo, in a mall. He has no wish to leave; he has his friends Stella the elephant, Jack the dog and Julia, the only person who seems to understand him.

Then Ruby comes.

Instantly, Ivan sees what has happened to him, and he will do anything to save the baby elephant Ruby, from the fate that is waiting for her.

Told in Katherine Applegate’s simple and honest style, The One and Only Ivan is a wonderful story from the view of an animal in captivity.  It questions the actions of zoos and the things we do to capture animals from the wild.

The One and Only Ivan is a tale that will make you cry, laugh and not let you put the book down.

It is a book that is going to be a classic story for all ages.

Nick, 11, Canberra


  1. Sounds like a very interesting concept. What age group would you recommend?

  2. I would say from 9 and up. I think anyone over the age of nine (including adults and teenagers) would like this book.