Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Recap: Week 4

Each Friday, I’ll be posting a recap of the week’s events in case you missed them and invite you to tell us what you’re reading. If you’d like a recommendation for new books to read, send a comment telling us what sorts of books you like and other readers may be able to give you some suggestions.

I hope you enjoyed the eclectic mix of guest posts this week as much as I did.

Jackie French started the week with her reflection on Monday on the influence of books in her life.  

I especially like Jackie's observation that books can comfort the reader.  So many of us escape into books - and often it is our favourite books, the ones we read over and over, that provide the best escape.  I've listed three of my favourite books in the comments of Jackie's post.  Have a look and add your own.

On Tuesday, Steven Miller looked at the lessons we can learn from our animal friends, both fictitious and real.  Who knew that fish have exquisite manners?

Thinking about Christopher Smart, I did wonder about the possible connection between eccentric behaviour and multiple pet ownership - although in Christopher's case it was just the one cat that was the object of his adoration.  Do you think Christopher's family would have visited more if he'd written poetry about them rather than his cat?

Simon Mitchell's take on reading and writing superpowers on Wednesday ignited a debate in this household on the best superpower ever.  The vote went to the ability to change instantly into any animal, including fictitious ones, simply by visualising that animal.  Pretty awesome, right?  If only it wasn't an imaginary power.  We're still working on identifying our reading and writing superpowers although one of us did name all 13 dwarves from the Hobbit.  It wasn't me.

On Thursday, Alexa Moses looked at the differences between writing for film and television and writing books.  It is interesting to consider what works in one medium doesn't necessarily translate well to the other.  Have a look at the discussion there about books and films - what works and what doesn't and tell us what you think. 

Do you think Peeves should have featured in the Harry Potter films?

We have two new book reviews today, here and here.  Or check them out, together with all the other books reviewed by kids on this site, on the left sidebar. If you'd like to review a book, please see the "Kids' Contributions" tab on the top bar under the header.

There have been some changes to the site too:  we've added the "Literacy Support" tab on the top bar under the header and links to the Kids' Lit Quiz sites in Canada and South Africa on the left side bar.  Have a look and see what else is happening in the Kids' Lit Quiz world.  In particular, preparations look well in hand for the 2013  Kids' Lit Quiz world final in South Africa in July.

A reader has also given me a tip on a wonderful collection of children's literature here in Canberra.  Have a look at the Lu Rees Archives of Australian Children's Literature here and, if you're in Canberra go and visit.  It looks fascinating.  Another thing to love about Canberra.  Tell us what it is you love about where you live.

Enter our competition for a new name for our book club here and win a book if yours is the best entry.

If you are new to this blog, once you've checked out all the items that interest you here, have a look at last Friday's recap post which lists further discussion topics.

Have a great weekend everyone! 


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