Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Recap: Week 3

Another big week here at (still) Reading for Australia.

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Each Friday, I’ll be posting a recap of the week’s events in case you missed them and invite you to tell us what you’re reading. If you’d like a recommendation for new books to read, send a comment telling us what sorts of books you like and other readers may be able to give you some suggestions.
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On Monday Tristan Bancks gave us his 5 top tips for making book trailers and showed us book trailers he's made and a couple of his favourite ones of books you may know.  I know there's at least one trailer being made this weekend.  If you are similarly inspired, send it to us at

Georgia Blain gave aspiring writers some useful tips on Tuesday.  

When I have some time I'm definitely going to try out Georgia's suggestions to get your imagination going by using short fun exercises such as writing a few paragraphs without using the letter "e" at all.  Or a paragraph where the first word begins with A, the second with B, the third with C and so on.  Let us know how you go with these exercises too.

Wednesday's post saw Charlotte Calder provide an insight into how authors use real life experiences in their work.  I've often wondered whether people who know authors feel uneasy during a creative phase - worried that their quirks and foibles will be exposed to the world in a highly creative way?

What do you think?  Would including Poppy's hissy fits have taken The Ghost at the Point in a different direction?

Thursday's bookshelf post by Bernadette Kelly gave us a peek at an author's bookshelf.  My first thought on seeing Bernadette's pristine collection of the Harry Potter series was how much better she looks after her books than we do.  But then perhaps the condition of the books also adds to the memories.  I certainly am reminded of our teething puppy when I see the cover of our copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  What sort of condition are your books in?  

Today, we have David Mussared's moving reflection on his grandfather's experience during World War I.  Read it here.  And check out the list of children's books about Gallipoli and Anzac traditions in the link above David's post.

There are  also two new book reviews, here and here -  or have a look at the left sidebar for the list of all the books reviewed by kids on this site.  If you'd like to submit a review to us, check out the "Kids' Contributions" tab above.  

And there's also all of last week' s action too.   Please join the continuing discussions on cliffhangers, guinea pigs and snakes and plays from books as well as books about food and favourite things about where you live.  Phew!  No time for sport this weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. 

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