Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Recap: Week 2

Each Friday, I’ll be posting a recap of the week’s events in case you missed them and invite you to tell us what you’re reading. If you’d like a recommendation for new books to read, send a comment telling us what sorts of books you like and other readers may be able to give you some suggestions.

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What a big week!

Monday kicked off with a new look to the blog and a fabulous post by the fabulous Deborah Abela on cliffhangers.   There's already a bit of a discussion going on over there in the comments section.  Check it out and tell us about your favourite books with cliffhangers.

On Tuesday, Fraser Corfield, artistic director of the ATYP talked about the differences between reading play scripts and reading books.  It's interesting to imagine your favourite book adapted as a play - would it work?  Fraser lists his 5 top adaptations of books to plays, including Deborah Abela's Max Remy Super Spy and Jackie French's Hitler's Daughter.  The accompanying photos, from the ATYP production of Max Remy Super Spy are terrific.

Wednesday saw Ursula Dubosarsky's affectionate reflection on guinea pigs.  How they stole her heart and crept into her books, sometimes in a big way, like Coco Carlomagno, but also as slightly bewildered bit characters in a bigger story.

Since she asked the question, I've also been wondering, how empathetic can a snake be as a main character?  Head over to the comments section of Ursula's post and help Alexa Moses decide whether she should write about snakes!

Our big news on Thursday was the announcement of the competition to help us choose a new name.  You can read about it here.   And you can join the discussion on books with a food theme, here.

And there's even more today:

Imogen Saunders tells us about her 5 favourite things about Canberra (home of the 2013 Australian team) and invites you to comment on what you like best about where you live.

We have two new book reviews, here and here.   These are also listed on the left sidebar so you can find them easily.  If you'd like to review a book for us, please have a look at the "Kids' Contributions" tab near the top of the page, under the header.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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