Friday, November 22, 2013

Book Review - The Winter Knights

The Winter Knights (The Edge Chronicles) by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell (Doubleday, 2005)

by Benedict, 13, Durban, South Africa

This great book is a steam-punk fantasy novel.

It is set in an imaginary world that corresponds with the Victorian era.  In the novel, there are a great many characters and many different types of characters. Some of them are strict and solemn and others are relaxed and simple while a great many are eased but alert.

Unlike most books I've read, this one begins with a death.

Because of that death, a regular teenager, Quint, becomes the protagonist. Quint becomes part of an academy that trains people to be knights. Everything in Quint's world flips upside down when he becomes part of the academy. He raises a Prowlgrin (animal) pup and learns how to be a Knight of Sanctaphrax, having many minor adventures and one major one, to do with the endless winter.

I found this book riveting. I never wanted to put it down (I think this was my quickest time with a book this long). The word usage was just right and had a lasting effect. When the book ended I definitely wanted to read the next in the series.

I learned from this book that sometimes when something goes wrong there is a reason and we may have to wait years or just minutes but right is always there.

This book is the eighth in The Edge Chronicles series and the second of the Quint Saga trilogy.

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