Friday, November 15, 2013

Book Review - Rescued by a Dog Called Flow

(previously published as) Flow by Pippa Goodhart (Barn Owl Books, 2006)

Jessica, 11, Durban, South Africa

My favourite character in the story is Sally, Oliver's younger sister.  She is really cute.  It is quite funny in the beginning of the story when she says she would like an elephant as a pet.

An important event in the story was when Oliver picked out "Flow" from all the puppies.  The whole time I thought he was going to pick "Pony/Rex"!

Another important event in the story was when Oliver, Flow and Craig were up in the mountains.  The whole time I read through that part I was nearly in tears.

I really enjoyed this book.  At first it felt that I wasn't going to get into it but once the part came that they were in the mountains I really enjoyed it!

I think that the moral of the story is that it doesn't matter if you are not strong on certain things (in this case reading and writing) you are strong in other things.

I have a small recommendation for the story.  I felt that when Oliver found he had dyslexia it was forgotten and I wished the writer would add something about telling his parents or that Oliver would do something else.

Overall, it was a fantastic (sad) story.

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