Friday, November 22, 2013

Book Review - Outcast

Outcast, Book Four of Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver (Orion Children's Books, 2007)

 Aphiwe, 13, Durban, South Africa

This book was set in the days when people lived in clans (wole clans).

My favourite character is Torak because he has a gift to shape shift and to talk to wolves.  I enjoy the exciting adventures and things that happen around him.  This book is about how Torak is declared clanless and an outcast because of what happened when he encountered a vicious soul eater.  Since Torak is clanless, he has to leave.  The story revolves around the concept that a soul eater is after Torak.

The story starts when Torak is marked with the sign of a soul eater that he hides from everyone.  He gets marked with the sign of an outcast which means he is forced to live on his own with every clan trying to kill him.  It is really tough for him and soon threat appears.  The soul eater comes after him and tries to eat his heart and claim his powers of spirit walking.  While on his journey he falls victim to the soul sickness.  As things start to look up for Torak, many dark secrets are revealed.

I learned that friendship is great and so is the need to belong somewhere.  I would recommend this book to people who love exciting/action books.  It was a great and highly enjoyable book to read.

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