Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Review - The Recruit

The Recruit (CHERUB series, Book 1) by Robert Muchamore (Hodder, 2004)

The Recruit is the first of twelve books in the first series of CHERUB,written by Robert Muchamore.

This series set in the 21st century, features a young boy by the name of James Choke on his journey to becoming a CHERUB agent.  CHERUB is a branch of MI5 which enlists children up to the age of 17. Although a mathematical genius, 11 year old James is also a bit of a couch potato and can be easily aggravated.

The story begins with James getting suspended from school and then on the same day his mum tragically dying from alcohol consumption. James is then sent to a foster village whilst his sister, Lauren, goes to live with James’ step-father.

That’s when things start to happen. James is caught stealing with a gang and is let off with a warning by the local police. His room-mate, Kyle, warns him to keep away from the gang, but James gets caught again and this time locked up for the night.

That’s when CHERUB recognises his potential. The next thing James knows is he’s no longer in the foster village, but in the headquarters of CHERUB. This is where his training begins and so too the adventures, challenges and excitement.

This is such an engaging book I didn’t want to put it down until it was finished. CHERUB is a great series, and the first book, outlining James’ recruitment and first mission was one of my favourites. It is a very realistic book, and if you liked James Bond, then you should love this book.

(Warning: the CHERUB series has some coarse language in it, but only a bit)

James, 12, Canberra

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