Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Review - Homecoming

Homecoming by Michael Morpurgo (Walker Books, 2012)

Homecoming is the story of Mrs. Pettigrew and the marsh she lives in.  Told with the memories of Michael, it is a story of his childhood life in Bradwell.

Mrs. Pettigrew was married to Arthur who died in an accident with a generator when he was still young.  Mrs. Pettigrew met him on a train in Thailand, where she lived at the time. They moved to Bradwell, to Arthur’s childhood home, where they lived in a carriage of a train to remind them of how they met.

The marsh was full of different animals - three dogs called Fast, Faster and Fastest as well as a donkey who didn’t like names so was just called Donkey. But men in suits want to turn the marsh into a power house to get more energy to London.

This book is one of my favorite Michael Morpurgo novels as it shows the importance of a place as simple as the marsh and how much impact on the environment, and on people, a simple building can cause. This is also not one of those ‘lived happily ever after’ books, but shows the impact the needs of humanity can have on such amazing natural wonders such as the marsh.

If you enjoy other Michael’s books or want a quick read with a good story, then I strongly recommend Michael Morpurgo’s Homecoming.

Gemma, 11, Canberra

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