Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Review - Don't Call Me Ishmael!

Don’t Call Me Ishmael! by Michael Gerard Bauer (Scholastic, 2006)

Don’t Call Me Ishmael! is a thrilling novel about a pessimistic boy named Ismael Leseur who has the incurable ‘Ismael Leseur’s Syndrome', which forces him to do incredibly idiotic things.

With a genius of a sister, a brain surgery patient, a world class bully, 3 vaguely psychotic friends, an intelligent (and pretty) English teacher and many more, Ishmael’s life couldn’t be worse. But with a bit of weirdness, grossness, stupidity and luck, it soon becomes the best year of Ishmael’s life.

I recommend this book for 11-14 year olds who like a laugh.

Tom, 12, Canberra

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