Thursday, December 05, 2013

Book Review: The Best Christmas Present Ever

The Best Christmas Present Ever  by Sylvia Green (Scholastic Books, 2011)

Bethany, 9, Williamstown, South Australia

Have you ever wanted to get your own dog, or find your cat, or own a pony, and getting it just before Christmas? Well then this story is perfect for you! Elliot, Ben, Sanjay, Laura, Emily and Jenni get to do just that.

They think up the weirdest ways to adopt Puss, Denzil, and Mr Crumbs, like manure, sociality, and just being plain sneaky!

This story is about the king of the road, a fearless cat (well not quite!) and a pony that has nowhere to go!


Why did Puss run away from Jenni? What was Mike's cat called?

Who was allergic to dogs in the story?
What were the names of the carers from the pound?

What was Mr. Jake's big secret?
Who is Mr. Crumbs' original owner?

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