Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Book Review - The Declaration

The Declaration by Gemma Malley (Bloomsbury USA, 2007)

by Anelisa, 11, Durban, South Africa

My favourite character is Anne who is a sensible, kind and hardworking person.

Mrs Sharpe gave Anne a wonderful soft and private diary as a present. Anne hides her diary in Female Bathroom 2 and writes in it quite often which is breaking a big rule. At first she dislikes Peter and tries to avoid him because he keeps on telling her that her parents care about her.  Then she believes Peter and that changes the way Anne thinks about Grange Hall and Mr Pincet.

Anne wrote all about what happened at Grange Hall and about Peter in her diary.  The significance of that is that Mr Pincet finds out her secrets  - about the boy she had hated most, Peter.

When I finished this book I was glad that Anne's life changed because of Peter.  I learned that if you believe in yourself and you trust others everything will turn out alright.

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